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PMBet Online Registration Campaign.



PMBet is one of the top online betting and casino companies in Tanzania. They have been facing challenges in how to get more registrations through online advertising campaigns. Bringing us onboard, they only had one assignment for us- drive more online registration through online advertising. Read more to find out how we achieved their goal. 

How we helped

For years now we have been working with online betting and casino companies. We know what works well and what doesn't. To help PMBet succeed, we first requested to set up tracking codes on their registration page. The tracked goals were imported into Google Analytics. The second step was to identify the target audience and what platforms they visited most. For this, we chose to spend on Live score platforms such as Sofacore, Flashscore, and Livescore. We also made use of Google Ads, where we had to help them get authorization from Google to run gambling search Ads.

pmbet-ppc-campaign (1)_edited.png


Through campaign optimization and constantly checking what is and what is not working, we were able to improve the conversion rate. It's not enough to launch a campaign and forget about it hoping a miracle will happen. We analyzed the Google Analytics reports and figured out where leads get stacked when signing up. We changed anything that was not in our favor.

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