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PPC Ads campaign



Meridianbet is one of the leading and pioneers of the betting industry in Tanzania. They have thousands of bettors both online and offline. Due to the high demand for online betting here in Tanzania, they approached us with one objective- to help them increase sign-ups on their casino betting platform by driving traffic to their website.

How we helped

We have a deep understanding of the online/ PPC advertising for betting companies. With some PPC platforms restricting Ads from betting companies, we decided to take a better approach. We opted to use programatic advertising. This ensured us to get more impression and clicks by reaching the right audience without limitation. Our aim was to make sure every single cent invested, brings results.


Target audience


The first step to any succesful marketing campaign is to understand well your target audience. This also applies to PPC campaigns. We had a meeting with our client to understand well about his current customers. Where are they from, what type of offers do they prefer, Their age, gender and language. This helped us to figure out on what we can on regarding the creatives and Ad placement.



It's very important to take time and brainstorm on how your Ad copy should look like. The reason behind is that your Ad copy is the first impression to your target audience. Based on how it looks, they will decide whether to click your Ad or not. From texts, images and offer, we made sure it was appealing enough to the audience we are targeting.


The landing page


A Landing page is a vital part of any successful PPC campaign. Users need relevant information, they don't need each and every information you have on your website. For this campaign we prefered to have a registration page rather than a home page as suggested by the client. Landing pages convert more traffic because they are focused on one goal.


Through campaign optimization and constantly checking what is and what is not working, we were able to improve the conversion rate. It's not enough to launch a campaign and forget about it hoping miracle will happen. We analysed the google analytics reports and figured out where leads get stack when signing up. We changed anything that was not in our favour.




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