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Digital Marketing that ignites results.

Keeping customers happy and satisfied can be a challenging thing. It requires a deep understanding of their needs and goals. Understanding needs and goals starts from the first meeting or call you have with your client to be. Here is where you need to be so keen and focused if you want to make them happy and satisfied.

How have we managed to keep our clients happy and satisfied? Here are a few case studies to show you how.



Meridianbet Casino Campaign

Being one of the pioneers of the betting industry in Tanzania, Meridianbet were looking to get more registration for their online casino betting site in Tanzania. They teamed up with us to launch a PPC campaign. Here is how we helped them.....


Slotpesa Casino Campaign

As an online casino site, Slotpesa was looking to reach out to the audience interested in online casino games through pay-per-click advertisement. By use of display Ads, we were able to target and get new registrations of online casino players on the Slotpesa platform.


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