Case Studies- Our journey to keeping our clients happy.


Keeping customers happy and satisfied can be a challenging thing. It requires a deep understanding of their needs and goals. Understanding needs and goals starts from the first meeting or call you have with your client to be. Here is where you need to be so keen and focused if you want to make them happy and satisfied.

How have we managed to keep our clients happy and satisfied? Here are a few case studies to show you how.

Client Name: Vivo Tanzania

Campaign type: Online Marketing


Vivo Tanzania were looking to use google Ads to introduce their new Y19 Smartphone. IMC were given the work but having no enough knowledge about google Ads they gave us the opportunity to work to gether on this project.

How we helped

After a long discussion which helped us to understand the expected deliverables, We proposed Youtube Ads, Display Ads and SearchAds which aimed at targeting people looking to buy smartphones and also to increase product awareness of the Vivo Y19 through Video and graphics on google and Youtube platforms.

The results

By targeting the most searched smartphones in Tanzania, we saw an increased amount on the search volume for Vivo Y19 on google. Below are numbers to show what we achieved.






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