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Website designing.

NGB is a horticulture solutions providers. They provide innovative and up-to-date horticulture solutions that helps you get more benefit from your horticulture projects.




The obective of this project was to build a website that is easy to interact with. It should be full of visual displays and less text. The website was supposed to be a one page website.


After a series of questions with the client, we came up with the final desicion to implement all that they suggested except putting everything on one page. Reason behind is to avoid clutterness on the page and loading time. 


Designing & Styling

With branding in mind, we designed and styled the website to fit the brands colours. We chose eye-catching images from a list of images our clients shared with us.we had a great opportunity to play up their palette.


We included CTA buttons to invite conversions. The goal was to make the overall design feel welcoming without straying too far from the professional look.

A design

that fits on all screens.

Whether viewed on a tablet, mobile, laptop or a desktop. A well designed website needs to put a user in mind. It has to fit on all screen sizes. We designed our client's website to fit in all screen sizes.


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