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PPC Ads campaign



With an increase in competition among online casinos in Tanzania, Slotpesa approached us with an objective to help them drive more quality traffic to their online casino website. They didn't want any traffic, but rather they wanted people who can spend thousands of dollars on their casino website.

How we helped

Putting in mind the type of audience our client wanted to reach, we decided to use behavior targeting. We used consumer Interests, visited locations, app and wesbites to show them the Ads. This way we reached only the people who mattered.



Creatives are what target audience see first. It's what invites them to visit the landing page. Knowing and understanding how this is important to the campaign, we decided to put an irresistible offer.


Target audience


Through the use of tracking pixels that understand and track users behaviour before showing them the Ads, we were able to target individuals who are interested in betting and other gambling games too..

The landing page


Regarding the landing page, we decided to go with the home page as the landing page. The reason behind this, is we wanted the visitors to be welcomed with a plenty options of games before they decided to sign up and put their money.



Just like all other ppc campaigns we run here at AdsFOX, we always pay attention to optimization of the campaigns. We check what is working and what's not, this way we know what changes need to be made before it's too late. Something that other agencies don't do.

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