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Online Advertising in Tanzania: Reach more buyers through online advertisements.

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Online advertising, one of the most effective ways businesses can find and reach new customers online. We are a PPC Agency in Tanzania that helps businesses with their Google Ads and social media paid Ads.


Let's agree, Long gone are those days when information was scarce. With internet  availability in Tanzania, today information can easily accessed online. Search engines have become the answer to many of our queries. With just a click on Google or any search engine, you can get all the information you need. internet in Tanzania has changed buyer's behavior. Nowadays users are searching for specific products or services on the internet when they want to buy. Due to this, businesses advertising online must be able to show relevant targeted Ads if they are looking to sell through search engine advertising or social media advertising. This is where paid search and paid social come in. Paid search is when you advertise on search engines and paid social is when you advertise on social media networks. 

Benefits of online advertising​

  1. Cost-efficientContrary to traditional advertising. Online advertising is cheaper and affordable for any business looking to reach more people through online Ads.

  2. EfficiencyOnline advertising gives you more control to target people who really matter to you. Making sure you reach the right audience. This makes it more efficient than traditional advertising. 

  3. MeasurableOnline advertising platforms offer analytics that can help an advertiser to measure the success of their advertising campaigns.

  4. Reach more peopleWith the internet, there is no geographical barrier to how many people you can reach. Placing your advertisements online can reach more people than those in your local area.


Paid Search (Google Ads)

Also referred to as Pay-per-click advertising, Google ads, or paid search advertising. It's the most common type of online advertising. PPC allows you to use relevant keywords to target users searching for services or products that you offer. Using paid search, you can display your text-based ads to a potential audience by bidding on relevant keywords when users enter search queries into Google or Bing.


With Google being the most popular search engine, millions of people search on Google for services or products before they buy. Putting your services in front of them at the right time increases your chances of selling. Also, Google allows you to use visuals such as images that are displayed on Google's Display Network.  GDN refers to collections of websites where Google can place Ads. Besides google platforms like YouTube and Gmail, your ads can be put on a million other websites, giving you a wider reach. Here are some of the benefits you can get using paid search

1.   Reach your prospects at the exact time they are searching for your products

2.   Reach your local customer's example buyers based in Tanzania.

3.   Retarget customers who have interacted with your business before

4.   Choose where your Ads is seen

5.   Run multiple campaigns 


Paid social (Social media advertising)

Paid social, also known as social media advertising, is pay-per-click advertising where businesses place their Ads on social media platforms. You can notice these Ads by the “sponsored” tag near the post. On paid social, businesses can target their audience based on location, pages they follow, and existing customer data (custom audience). With social media advertising you can create different campaigns for sales, brand awareness, leads generation, website traffic, and many more. Running paid social ads can boost your social media marketing efforts if done properly. Here are some benefits of paid social ads,

1.   It gives your page a little boost to reach a bigger audience

2.   Helps you to reach your marketing goals faster. 

3.   You can target people who have engaged with your brand before

4.   You can target brand new people and retarget people who visited your website before

How to effectively advertise online

For online advertising to give you good results, You need to manage your Ads closely. This is by making sure that everything is well planned before jumping on creating campaigns. From Ad copies, landing pages, and keyword researching. All these need to be well planned. If you don't plan then be sure to lose money in the end, A mistake that many businesses make because of the lack of required knowledge. If you are looking to get effective results with search Ads or paid social then you need an expert who will manage your online advertisements campaigns. Someone who knows how to plan, execute, analyze and report your Ads campaigns. Luckily, we are here to help you with our online advertising management services.

How we will help you

We are a professional PPC agency in Tanzania. At AdsFOX we use online marketing tools that help us to plan, execute, analyze and report campaign performances. We plan all the way from keywords research to audience to be targeted and we write different Ad copies and test them to make sure we put out the best-performing ones so that you get more relevant clicks/impressions at a good cost.


Our online advertising experts take time to work on your online campaigns making sure you reach your advertising goals. We offer performance reports so that you are well aligned with what is happening. Having worked with many businesses in Tanzania, we are confident to give you profitable results.


Why choose us?

Besides having the right knowledge to run your online advertisements, Our team is composed of highly creative individuals. People who will spend hours to make sure you get the best out of your Ads. We will create the best Ad copies that will make someone hesitate on skipping your Ad. Start growing digital with the best digital marketing agency in Tanzania. Our online advertising process includes;


To create a successful campaign, you need to do research on what your target audience is currently searching for. What keywords are relevant to your business? This is a crucial step and we spend enough time to make sure it's well done.


Now that we have all relevant information and inputs. We create and launch your campaign and use different Ad copies to test the audience. Normally we use the first few weeks to see what works best and then choose the best performing Ad copy.


It's not enough to create a campaign and abandon it after launching, expecting to get good results. Just like any other online advertising, Online Ads require to be analyzed and optimized. We take enough time to go through all the performance factors to make sure we focus on what is working and correct what is not working.


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How will you know things are working as expected? We prepare weekly reports that show performances and share them with you. Our process is very straight forward and transparent. We want you to be well informed so that you can make better decisions.

Need help with your Online Advertisements?

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