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Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Last week I bought my beard oil from INALIPA.

After weeks of thinking about whether to buy or not, Finally, I decided to give it a shot. Not that the oil is not good but rather I was contemplating on whether buying from an online store is a good decision or not. Personally, I have heard a lot of stories where people get scammed when they bought things online. So, this was a major concern for me. But also, Tanzanians are not so much into online selling and buying. Especially on a website. I didn’t know what to expect from the seller. Will customer care be good? Will my order be processed on time? How will the delivery be like? I had a lot in my mind, to be honest. But eventually, I decided to give it a shot and I bought my product.

Far from what I expected. I got a top-class service. I literally didn’t expect this from an online store in Tanzania. The last time I bought a product was when JUMIA was still operating in Tanzania. Since then, I have always been scared to buy online. But INALIPA Surprised me. This led me to write these 3 marketing strategies that anyone operating an online store should try and do if they want to grow. Actually, any business can use these strategies.

Ready to learn? Here is a brief of what I will be discussing today. NOTE, these are strategies that I have noticed INALIPA is using.

1. PPC Advertisement (Google Ads)

2. Social media marketing

3. Good customer service


INALIPA Google Ads Campaign

INALIPA is heavily investing in online advertising. The first time I noticed them is when I decided to search for beard Oil on Google. They popped up the first. Because I already had intentions to buy, I clicked on the Ad and browsed around their website. I was able to see different beard oils with different scents (as written in the description).

Also, their online store is user-friendly. Every detail is well organized and you can access it even on mobile. This lowered the rates of my doubts. I started trusting them a little bit.

What to learn?

Tanzanians are getting used to online buying. Millions of Tanzanians are now using search engines to find products and services. The days of visiting physical shops are coming to an end. People are looking to buy from the comfort of their homes. The only way you can get to capture these people is by advertising online and making sure you are online store is visible. Try to make sure your online store is well designed. A user-friendly online store can make someone decide on buying instantly.

Don't know how to get started with PPC advertising? Click here for help.


INALIPA Instagram profile

After visiting INALIPA's website, I didn’t buy the same day. I decided to take my time and rethink whether I should buy from them or not. One day as I was scrolling down on Instagram. I came across their Ad. So, I decided to visit their page. I really liked the way the page was good-looking. Posts were engaging and also pictures of products were clear and HD. They had prices on them. It was easy to get the full information that you may need if you want to buy. What captured my mind most was the reviews. People commented on their experience using the online store. Different reviews from different buyers. 90% of the reviews were good ones. This made me trust them even more. Now I had made up my mind- I am going to buy the beard oil.

What to learn?

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their services and products. It's where you can easily grow your brand and product. Social media reviews can help strangers make up their minds on whether they should buy from you or not. People don’t just buy. They buy from a trusted seller. How are they going to trust you? It’s from the positive reviews they see from other buyers on your social media page. And well, social media is the best place to interact with your buyers and potential buyers too. If they can leave a positive review on your posts, that’s even way better. Start using social media marketing today if you are looking to grow because if you don't, your competitors will.

Need help with your social media marketing? We can help you


The last but not the least strategy is good customer service. Why a good customer service matter? I will tell you why. Normally, the majority of human beings are inpatient. We love to be treated fast and with attention. Personally, I will buy in a store just because the customer service guy is giving me attention and helping when I need something. The same applies to other people, we love to know that we are well treated and our issues are taken care of.

When I was buying from INALIPA. One of the things I enjoyed most is their customer service. Few minutes after checking out, a customer care person called me. She asked me about my order and confirmed my details. This sealed my trust in them. Now I had full confidence that I am buying from a trustworthy person. The next day I was given notifications about my delivery. They sent me a text to tell me that my delivery was on its way. I was later called by the delivery person to come to pick my item. The delivery guy was friendly and had uniforms that represented the brand- Another small but really important thing.

What to learn?

Good customer service builds stronger relationships between your business and its customers. By treating and serving your customers well, they become your ambassadors and will refer you to people they know.


Online marketing is growing very fast in Tanzania. Contrary to the old days, Many Tanzanians are now having access to the internet nowadays. This allows them to have access to information easily. From searching on google to scrolling on social media platforms, Tanzanians have changed how they look for products or services. Now everything starts with an online search or a click on social media. If you are able to put your brand on the internet then you are guaranteed to reach these millions of Tanzanians who are frequently searching for information.

Need help with reaching millions of Tanzanians through online marketing? Contact us today. I and my team will be happy to help you.

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Apr 30, 2022

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